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Films Available Online

Obachan's Garden[1h 34min]
Asayo Murakami, 103 years old, recalls life in Japan, her arrival in Canada as a ‘picture bride’, her determination to marry a man of her choice, the bombing of Hiroshima and the forced relocation of her family during WWII.

Enemy Alien [27min]
This documentary tells the story of the frustration and injustice experienced by Japanese Canadians, who fought long and hard to be accepted as Canadians.

Minoru: Memory of Exile [19min]
The bombing of the American naval base at Pearl Harbor thrust 9-year-old Minoru Fukushima into a world of racism so malevolent he would be forced to leave Canada, the land of his birth.

Sleeping Tigers: The Asahi Baseball Story [51min]
This feature-length documentary tells the story of the Asahi baseball team. In pre-World War II Vancouver, the team was unbeatable... The former Asahi members survived by playing ball. Their passion was contagious and soon other players joined in, among them RCMP officials and local townspeople.

Barbed Wire and Mandolins [48 min]
This documentary introduces us to Italian-Canadians whose lives were disrupted and uprooted by seclusion in internment camps during the Second World War.

Borrowed from Nature [44 min]
Exploring the complex and enduring history of Japanese gardens in western Canada through the life of famed garden designer Roy Tomomichi Sumi, with gardens in Lethbridge, Vancouver and New Denver.